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Format: 2CD
Catalog: M400131 & M400132 - matrix numbers, No catalogue #
Misc.: -
Produced: Europe, 1994 (date specified as 4-9-94)
Date: 940904
Cover: Thick 2CD jewel case. Comes in a cardboard sleeve around it. As quite some pictures were 'borrowed/stolen' from Guitar World, September 1994 and Q Magazine, November 1994, I will refer to them as GW9-xx, where xx is the page number. The Q11-x,y pics will be (as Q has 4x4 pics) x and y coordinate of them... (pages 94-95). CARDBOARD SLEEVE: Front: Upper left: "PINK FLOYD" in red capitals. In smaller caps "SOFTLY SPOKEN MAGIC SPELLS". Rest is a close-up of Dave singing (GW9-57), superimposed over a pic of the stage, with mainly red and purple lights on it. All personel (inclu- ding Dick Parry) visible, with spot on Dave -> during SOYCD? Left: (you can shove the 2CD out of the sleeve on the right) Bandname, where the characters display the stage in blue and green. White caps with the title (I've seen another copy of this which was yellow and had more yellow on front and back, but I think that was an error!). On the right of this side of the sleeve is an eclipsed sun, with a small circle of light visible, and a bright spot bottom-right. Back: top and bottom 1/4 occupied by live photos, center had the tracklist and venue/date listed. At the top three pics are visible: Q11-2,2 left, then Q11-3,2. Right pic is Q11-2,3. Bottom: left Q11-2,4. Center: Q11-4,1. Right pic is Q11-3,3. Center: two columns, left: "DISC ONE" and numbers (1-9) in white, songs in red. White "Recorded live at Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam 4.9.94" below that. Right column: same as left column (DISC TWO, 1-13). THE 2CD: Front: same as the cardboard sleeve front. Back: Well known TDB photo with DG, NM, RW (DG looks to left, rest looks in camera). right 2/5 gives tracklist per disc and venue as on sleeve, but now all below each other. CD's itself both have some strange pattern on it, copyright message at the upper half on the outer circle; CD-logo and "Disc One" or "Disc Two" on bottom. CD-trays are clear plastic, and under CD1 you see four pictures of the stage stretched from top to bottom. Again, Q11 was helpful: left to right: 1,4 - 1,3 - 1,2 - 1,1 ! Phew, what a great source they found in these mags :( Under disc two is the pic of the three in the stadium in Pasadena from Guitar World, September 94, page 45. BOOKLET: Front: left and right 1.5 cm red/black strange pattern. Center: stage, Mr Screen purple with blue/green outer circle. Band and title in center of Mr Screen. Purple background below that. Protective shields for bad weather clearly visible above equipment. Inside: All Q-11,x,y pictures; left and right pages total to four columns of three pictures. Top, left to right: 2,2 - 3,2 - 4,4 - 4,3. Center, left to right: 2,3 - 3,1 - 4,2 - 4, 1. Bottom, left to right: 2,4 - 2,1 - 3,4 - 3,3. Back: GW9-42 (the self-made picture of Dave against a wall with a guitar in hand and singing. Top half of the page is used, with only the purple-ish right 2/3. The text is erased (he, they really *did* something with the pics !)
Sources: 04 Sep 1994; Feyenoord Stadium ("De Kuip"), Rotetrdam, NL (= The Netherlands)
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      Disc 1:
       1. Shine on you crazy diamond           12:42
       2. Learning to fly                       5:16
       3. Take it back                          6:30
       4. Sorrow                               10:34
       5. Keep talking                          7:55
       6. Wish you were here                    5:45
       7. Another brick in the wall Pt.2        7:04
       8. One of these days                     7:29
       9. High hopes                            8:12
          Total:                               71:29

      Disc 2:
       1. Speak to me                           5:08
       2. Breathe                               2:43
       3. On the run                            4:24
       4. Time                                  5:37
       5. Breathe (reprise)                     1:10
       6. The great gig in the sky              5:06
       7. Money                                 8:49
       8. Us and them                           7:15
       9. Any colour you like                   3:21
      10. Brain damage                          3:04
      11. Eclipse                               2:55
      12. Comfortably numb                     10:54
      13. Run like hell                         9:10
          Total:                               69:38

      (not listed)
      David Gilmour  Guitars, vocals
      Nick Mason     Drums
      Rick Wright    Keyboards, vocals

      Guy Pratt    Bass/vocals        Durga McBroom     Backing vocals
      Jon Carin    Keyboards/vocals   Sam Brown         Backing vocals
      Tim Renwick  Guitars            Claudia Fontaine  Backing vocals
      Gary Wallis  Percussion         Dick Parry        Saxophones

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  • Ex+ -PIET
Comments: The sound is incredible, as if sb. has recorded this very much in front of the speakers. Much high and low (sometimes more high than I can bear ;) and more low than my parents can stand ;)). Especially the high pitches from (I think) percussionist Gary Wallis are *very* good audible ! I think (owning a lot of tapes and having Moonlight Tunes, 1994 West Coast Trip, Giants At The Giants and Mad For Fucking Years and some others) that this CD set has the most clear sound so far. If only I had an equaliser for the bass ... My source had 50 copies of this and had only a few left, so I don't know the quantity of this set. More info about the performance can be found in the tour files, and the only problem I have with this set is that they changed the *very* nice set-order and removed High Hopes from the encore and placed it at the end of disc one. Also, Dave announcements after DSotM (thanks, and about Roger) have been eliminated :( SOYCD starts with thunder, water, ping (echoes) and then Ricks keyboard rise (in volume ;) The second solo in Comfortably Numb is 5:38 exact ;) In all, clearly a must have for any fan around -PIET

Sound is excellent. This one includes the end of the soundscape before Shine On I-V+VII, and a long Speak To Me. High Hopes was moved to the end of Disc 1, but it was performed as encore instead of WYWH, performed on the first set. One of my favorites from the 94 tour. - FERNANDO.

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