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Format: CD
Catalog: AST 552 Night Tripper Productions
Misc.: Gold CD
Produced: Made In Germany
Date: 670913
Cover: "The Pink Floyd" in the upper left and "Stoned Alone and Other Astral Chants From Their Space Age Book" in the lower right corner. Picture of Pink Floyd w/ Syd in the BBC studio (?) on front cover. Picture of the band on stage at the Star Club? in upper 3/4. Lower 1/4 lists the tracks.
Sources: 13 Sep 1967, Star Club, Copenhagen.
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      1. Stoned Alone (Reaction In G)
      2. Arnold Layne
      3. Rush In A Million (One In A Million)
      4. Matilda Mother
      5. Scream Thy Last Scream Old Woman With A Casket
      6. Astronomy Domine
      7. Interstellar Overdrive
      8. Interview with Syd and Roger
      9. Interview with Peter Jenner, Nick Mason, and David Gilmour

         Total Time: 71:45

      Syd Barrett 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      Roger Waters

Xref: Starclub Psycho (tracks 1-6)
  • G -KARL
Comments: Although there is a tremendous amount of hiss, the sound of the music isn't too bad; unfortunately there are absolutely no vocals. Maybe if you turned it up full blast you might hear some, but you might go deaf first. Given the rarity of Syd-era recordings, this is probably the same recording as on the Starclub Psycho roio. -KARL

Track 8 is the 1966 CBC (Canadian) interview. Track 9 is taken from sometime after they recorded More, but the exact date is unclear.

The 9/13/67 gig is slightly longer and much better quality here than its prior appearances on vinyl (a la Mystery Tracks) and CD (a la Starclub Psycho). If you want to hear an early Floydian gig, this would be one of the better disks you could find. One other thing worth notice is that the vocals are (of course) very difficult to hear for the first few songs. As the gig progresses, things get (slightly) better. -SCOTT

The version of Interstellar Overdrive listed as track 7 on the Stoned Alone roio is not from Copenhagen, but is the "Tonight.....London" recording. -THE HEDONIST

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