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Format: CD
Catalog: ODY 029 WALL 1 (Matrix Number)
Misc.: ADD, GEMA
Produced:<no info>
Date: 82
Cover: Front: White bricks, the face from the front cover of the "When the Tigers Broke Free" single. "PINK FLOYD" and "THE FILM" written in red letters at the bottom of the cover. Booklet: 4 coloured pages, the hammers, a cartoon of the teacher and a photograph of Pink can be seen through the holes in the wall. Page 3 and 4 are identical. Back: "PINK FLOYD - THE FILM" written on the Top, "Unreleased Versions From The Movie 'The Wall'" and a track list, written in red letters on the wall. CD: White bricks.
Sources: 1982, From The Wall movie.
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MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


       1. The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot    1:17
       2. In The Flesh ?                            3:05
       3. The Thin Ice                              2:39
       4. Another Brick In The Wall part 1          2:53
       5. When The Tigers Broke Free                2:05
       6. Goodbye Blue Sky                          1:59
       7. The Happiest Day Of Our Lives             1:59
       8. Another Brick In The Wall part 2          3:18
       9. Mother                                    6:51
      10. Empty Spaces                              3:40
      11. Young Lust                                3:01
      12. One Of My Turns                           3:34
      13. Don't Leave Me Now                        3:05
      14. Another Brick In The Wall part 3          1:12
      15. Goodbye Cruel World                       0:56
      16. Is There Anybody Out There ?              2:27
      17. Nobody Home                               3:11
      18. Vera                                      1:16
      19. Bring The Boys Back Home                  1:21
      20. Comfortably Numb                          6:11
      21. In The Flesh                              3:49
      22. Run Like Hell                             2:20
      23. Waiting For The Worms                     2:26
      24. The Trial                                 5:23
      25. Outside The Wall                          5:02    
          Total                                    75:38 

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

  • Sup -PATRICK
Comments: Times from the CD player -PATRICK

I listened to the entire CD, and they are indeed, in stereo and amazing quality recording, the tracks from the movie. I was dissapointed that the CD did not include the first part of "When the Tigers Broke Free" (track#1 is the bit when the camera pans along Pink's arm, and that 50's song is being sung on the radio).

There is NO copyright date or release notes inside the CD. The liner is one fold, and contains a white brick animated Wall with two or three frames from the movie which can be seen in gaps, and one drawn poster for the movie (the hammers on the march) which is also in a gap in the wall.

The CD itself has a white wall drawn on it, and the PINK FLOYD - THE FILM over and under the CD spindle hole in Waters' script/scrawl. Etched into the plastic of the spindle hole is "ODY 029 WALL 1". The disc is labelled ADD, has the "Compact DISC Digital Audio" logo and another logo reading "GEMA" in a box. Along the top arc of the CD is written "All rights of the producer and the owner of the work reproduced reserved unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited". The CD is 75mins long.

The bottom of the CD case (where the CD rests) is transparent, and the liner behind it is the same picture as the cover, but more centered and without the text. Visible through the transparent spine area is "Unreleased Versions From The Movie "The Wall"" exactly as on the back.

I was wondering if this is a legit recording or a ROIO? The fact that there is no copyright info. printed on the liner would indicate a ROIO, but the fact that EVERYTHING is in the exact Rog-style script lends to the theory that it is indeed legit, yet not too well known.

At any rate, anyone keeping a ROIO discography should be notified immediately, as I don't remember ever hearing of this CD's existance. -ANON

The track list is wrong. They included "What Shall We Do Now?" instead of "Empty Spaces", tracks 10 and 11 are both track 10, tracks 12 and 13 are both "One of my Turns". Only the second half of "When the Tigers Broke Free" is included. The CD has a total playing time of 75:38. -ANON

This CD includes some snippets of dialogue and sound effects from the film soundtrack, as well as the music. -ANON

For one thing, the disc is fast. Not much, probably just a half step up, but it's only noticeable on the songs that were not changed for the film (i.e. Another Brick in The Wall and Nobody's Home, to name a few).

Other than that, the disc is fine, there is a little distortion on Goodbye Blue Sky (which leads me to believe that this was recorded from an analogue source instead of the Laserdisc as I had hoped) and a some of the fade-ups are a tad annoying, but these are really minor complaints, especially when you consider how much different material is on here. There were only a few tunes that were re-recorded for the film, but all the rest were remixed, some of them noticeably so: new guitar or keyboard bits, or parts just higher in the mix than the original.

All in all, I give it a thumbs up. -ANON

An absolute gem if you want a complete collection of "Wall" recordings. The sound quality is crystal clear. It seems that this was mastered from an analogue source of the movie "The Wall" rather than the laserdisc version; too bad. The fact that it contains versions "When The Tigers Broke Free" and "What Shall We Do Now?", which are not included on the album or CD ("When The Tigers Broke Free" was only released on a 45 single). All in all, a great RoIO for anyone who is a fan of "The Wall". - ABDABS

This is my opinion about the album, Pink Floyd, The Film 1982. I recently purchased this CD and believe that the sound quality is fantastic. I do have all 25 tracks on my disc (one review said that the CD case indicated 25 tracks, but was missing a few). The CD serial number is 1102 BD123 1662 if you need that number for records. The CD insert is in plain text and has colour graphics that appear to have been printed on a home colour printer. There is no indication of a copyright date anywhere--not on the jewel case or on the insert. Overall, this album is a wise purchase. -ANON

NOTE: This CD is not to be confused with its namesake - "The Film" - which has poorer sound quality and cuts off after Run Like Hell.

Very good CD, which contains tracks from the movie which should have been on the original CD. All tracks are taken directly from the movie, as all the moive characters and things happening in the movie are heard during the tracks. Besides having distortion on final 6 tracks, this CD is quite expensive. -ANON

I found this in a hole in the wall used CD store BRAND NEW!!!!! I bought it because I loved the movie and I found out that I was amazed on how much more I liked this CD than The Wall CD. Don't get me wrong though, The Wall is an outstanding CD also but I love The Film - LANCE

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