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Format: CD
Catalog: PFF-1003 (from disc)
Misc.: Matrix No. 950929-34 68659X IFPI L601
Produced: Made in Tawiwan
Date: 82
Cover: INSERT: Folded; brick design interspersed with holes in the wall and pictures from 'The Film.'
Sources: 1982, From The Wall movie.
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       1. The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot
       2. In The Flesh ?                        
       3. The Thin Ice                          
       4. Another Brick In The Wall part 1      
       5. When The Tigers Broke Free            
       6. Goodbye Blue Sky                      
       7. The Happiest Day Of Our Lives         
       8. Another Brick In The Wall part 2      
       9. Mother                                
      10. Empty Spaces                          
      11. Young Lust                            
      12. One Of My Turns                       
      13. Don't Leave Me Now                    
      14. Another Brick In The Wall part 3   
      15. Goodbye Cruel World                
      16. Is There Anybody Out There ?       
      17. Nobody Home                        
      18. Vera                               
      19. Bring The Boys Back Home           
      20. Comfortably Numb                   
      21. In The Flesh                       
      22. Run Like Hell                      

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

  • Ex? ('Electronic noise'; especially prevalent on Comf'y Numb)
Comments: I just picked this ROIO up as well for someone else, and upon listening to RLH, I noticed that the ROIO ends. Yet, on the tracklist, there are three songs listed after RLH. If anyone's interested, the number on my disc is "PFF-1003" and it's in a rectangular box. The disc itself is white, and it reads "FILM" symmetrically, unpainted (that is, one can see the actual "CD" in the lettering). Also, the "M" in FILM is placed slightly farther away from the other three letters before it, on both words.

FWIW, my disc is *exactly* the same. A few more details: Mine came in a standard CD jewel box, had no markings of any kind to suggest a bakery store, and had a glossy 'booklet' that opened up to be a single bit of folded paper, with the brick design interspersed with holes in the wall and pictures from 'The Film.'

Did you find any 'electronic noise' on yours, most notable in 'Comfortably Numb'? - ECHOES

NOTE: This CD is inferior in both sound quality and completeness in comparison to its namesake "The Film" , which is the recommended purchase for this material.

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