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Format: CD
Catalog: GDR CD SAT 4 (Great Dane Records)
Misc.: Soundboard recording
Produced: Made In Italy, 1/1994
Date: 720217
Cover: Cover is a simple sleeve, with a picture of a young David Gilmour taken in the early seventies. Inside are two black and white picture of floyd on stage, also taken in the early seventies. Backside is a listing of tracks, and the line 'recorded live in England during 1972 tour'. and 'pink floyd is ....' followed with the band-members names.
Sources: 17 Feb 1972, Rainbow Theatre, London.
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       1. Speak To Me / Breathe                 2:54
       2. On The Run                            6:07
       3. Time                                  6:36
       4. Breathe Reprise                       1:04
       5. The Great Gig In The Sky              4:23
       6. Money                                 7:54
       7. Us & Them                             2:18
       8. Any Colour You Like                   4:37
       9. Brain Damage                          3:52
      10. Eclipse                               1:16

                                         Total 41:20

      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

Xref: Best Of Tour 72, Dark Side Of The Sky, 8th RD From The Moon, Forbidden Samples, The Live Side Of The Moon
  • Ex+ -ANDRE
Comments: This is another issue of the 1972 Dark Side Of The Moon recording as on all the roios mentions in the Xref (from _before_ the studio- release) with the 'on the run' jam, the preacher tapes on 'Great gig ...'. Even the 'defects' ('time' and 'Us & them' abridgded, 'eclipse' faded out) are the same. Still an excelent recording (a little better the 'dark side of the sky') with hardly any crowd- noise and a great performance.

The sub-title ('live & studio anthology') is used in the Great dane brochure, but is not on the CD and it is misleading. This release does not contain any studio tracks (nor can it be seen as an 'anthology' IMHO).

This release came with the march 1994 issue of a magazine called 'Satisfaction' which was a special on Floyd. It contained a story on DarkSideOfTheMoon and a more general overview of floyd (nothing special though). A warning: the magazine is NOT in English but in Italian. -ANDRE

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