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Format: CD
Catalog: TR-223 Turtle Records
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: 1992 Australia
Date: 680625
Cover: 8" x 5" trifold digipak Front: a picture (of a boy & girl) and a drawing (a ball and X-mas tree lights) superimposed over a picture of a mountain in early morning. Back: photo of the same girl and boy in their underwear looking at a light source (again superimposed over the mountain picture) Inside: photo of a pig superimposed over snow-covered mountain photo of Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett instead of Gilmour superimposed over a lake/ocean (?) photo of Pink Floyd presumably right after Gilmour joined the group superimposed over a drawing by G. Scarfe (I'm guessing) which is in turn superimposed over another picture of a snow-covered mountain.
Sources: 25 Jun 1968- 1971 - Live In London Disc 1 Tracks 1-3: June 25, 1968 Disc 1 Tracks 4-5: Early December 1968 Disc 1 Tracks 6-10: September 16, 1970 Disc 2 Tracks 1-3: March 10, 1971
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      Disc 1:
      1.  Julia Dream
      2.  Let There Be More Light
      3.  Murderistic Women
      4.  Point Me At The Sky
      5.  The Embryo
      6.  The Embryo
      7.  Green Is The Colour
      8.  Careful With That Axe, Eugene
      9.  If
      10. Atom Heart Mother

      Disc 2:
      1.  One Of These Days
      2.  Fat Old Sun
      3.  Echoes

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: Phenomena, probably numerous others (BBC Sessions)
  • VG+/EX
  • Ex/Sup (Sound quality differs) -PATRICK
Comments: It's the same BBC Sessions without any enhancement or reduction in sound. Haven't heard the whole thing through yet because I've heard these songs so many times before. -DAN

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