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Format: CD
Catalog: LLRCD 125
Misc.: Produced by R. Rinaldini
Produced: 1991
Date: 840712
Cover: Something big and red. Maybe some sort of "Cover" ....
Sources: 12 Jul 1984, Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.
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      1. Until We Sleep                     6:34
      2. Money                             13:02
      3. Love On The Air                    6:15
      4. Short And Sweet                    8:15
      5. Run Like Hell                      7:20
      6. Blue Light                        10:05
      7. Comfortably Numb                  10:12

      David Gilmour -guitars, vocals

      Mick Ralphs - gutar, vocals
      Chris Slade - drums
      Raphael Ravenscroft - saxophone
      Mickey Feat - bass, vocals
      Gregg Dechart - keyboards
      Sue Addams - percussion, vocals

  • Sup -HERWIG
  • Sup -TOR
Comments: Sound quality is perfect! The music is fantastic, David at his best. The only hair in the soup is that the title song is faded out. Additionally, I have seen much better covers and booklets. But then, you have to put this record between the 'legal' ones ... 8^) -HERWIG

The best RoIO I've heard in terms of sound quality. The playing is great too. Especially good is Money which is played a bit slower than PF does it, and has some great guitar and piano solos. I like this one better than the Floyd versions even if the cash register sound is missing. Blue Light also includes some great drum/percussion and bass solos. Run Like Hell and Comfortably Numb is also very good, as always when Gilmour performs them. The whole disc has a nice relaxed touch to it. If you don't hate Gilmour for all the bad things he have done to Waters :-) this is a must have. -TOR

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