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Format: 2CD
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Date: 800228
Cover: Photo of the band at a Wall show with PINK FLOYD WALLPOWER written in large pink block letters across the top.
Sources: 28 Feb 1980, Nassau
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      The complete Wall show (i.e. all of the album
      some extended jams at the end of the first disc).

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

  • Ex -Martin
Comments: An excellent roio if you can find it. Very little info I'm afraid because there is only a three page booklet in the center that is just concert photos - no text. Discs are pink, but have no company name on them. Has track listing and "Recorded in Nassau" on the back. I found it to be superior in quality to Behind The Wall, and it is cheaper, not having a disc of rehearsals & roger stuff. Young Lust is particularly brilliant, with Dave really going at it. Get it if ya can! (IMHO) I found it at some guys street vendor tent in London (Camden Town) for 25 pounds - a good investment! -Martin

The second disk has some strange breaks (drop outs) in between the songs. As if it was recorded from another CD which was 'programmed' so the cd-player needs a second or so to search the next track. -ANDRE

This disc is quite muffled in comparison to its counterpart, "Behind the Wall". Your best bet is shelling out a couple of extra bucks for the Behind the Wall (3CD) for the better sound quality. - J.W.

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