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Format: 2CD
Catalog: TNT (?)
Misc.: 2 CDs
Produced:<no info>
Date: 720306
Cover: Half of a very nice photo taken from behind the stage, with Dave and most of Nick. The other half is on the back with Roger and Rick. Probably taken during that tour.
Sources: 06 Mar 1972, Tokyo Taikukan
Hires-coverscans: <no info>
MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


      Disc 1:
      1. Dark Side of the Moon         46:09
      Disc 2:
      1. Atom Heart Mother              20:04
      2. Careful with that Axe, Eugene  12:05
      3. Echoes                         24:59

      Roger Waters
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref:<no info>
  • G- -ANON
  • G -Scott
Comments: There is a Japanese announcer between some tracks, and a power outage during AHM. I haven't heard it, but the quality is probably similar to the Hokkaido (3/13?) tape (Think Pink, Cold Front, et al.). -ANON

It sounds like a great performance, but if it wasn't for the very prominent crowd noise, I'd suspect it was taped from the parking lot. At times the hiss is louder than the music. CD1 sounds a little better than CD2, overall. AHM includes about 1:30 of a Japanese announcer, then a power-outage explanation by Roger afterwards, and a lot of tuning up. The announcements are much louder and clearer than the music, for some reason. This title seems to be *very* limited and difficult to find, but only worthwhile to the completist. -ANON

One of the worst recordings I have ever heard. I find it hard to believe that they could not have done something to improve the sound quality. The hiss is louder than the music. This has become the standard by which I judge horrible recordings. To make matters worse, the creators did not index the Eclipsed suite (disc 1). As a result, disc 1 is one long song! If you want to listen to the Any Colour... jam, you need to fast forward through 30min of hiss. Truly a landmark in stupid decisions. On the positive side, it sounds like a decent performance, and the front and rear cover shot (1 continuous picture) is a very good stage shot of the band standing around with Dave and Roger smiling. The picture appears to be of a time appropriate to the show. This title is not recommended. Try one of the other available 2cd Japan shows. -Scott

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