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Format: CD
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Date: 870928
Cover: A strange oriental-inspired drawing depicting a mask.
Sources: 28 Sep 1987, Chicago USA
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      1. One of These Days
      2. On the Run
      3. Time
      4. Wish You Were Here
      5. Welcome to the Machine
      6. Us and Them
      7. Another Brick in the Wall (2)
      8. Comfortably Numb

      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason
      Tim Renwick
      Jon Carin
      Guy Pratt al.

  • VG -PK
Comments: On the Turning Away has the first part of this concert.

This is a nice early '87 concert. The performance is fine, but the sound quality is nothing to write home about. The vocals are a bit distant, but a part from that, the rest of the instruments come across just fine.

This CD is perhaps most noteworthy for Welcome to the Machine, which was not on Delicate Sound of Thunder. It has drums at the end, making the song really change character.

There is a guy that shouts "Happy birthday!" right before Wish You Were Here, and someone else responds "Thank you!" Kind of funny really.

On the down side, the show deletes both encores, Run Like Hell and One Slip. The tacks are mislabled, Time is Track 2 and On the Run is Track 3. But I would still recommend this CD and it's 1st half, On the Turning Away, to any fan of the post-Waters Floyd. -PK

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