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Format: CD
Catalog: 21 Metal Biter
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Date: 871107
Cover: Hard to describe - Something blueish with holes and light-beams. On top with big white letters "ROGER WATERS" On bottom in smaller white letters "Welcome to the machine" Backside much like front with track-listing.
Sources: 07 Nov 1987, Colisee de Quebec, Quebec, Canada.
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       1. Radio Waves                       4:36
       2. Welcome to the machine            7:10
       3. Money                             4:59
       4. In the flesh                      3:34
       5. Have a cigar                      3:16
       6. Pigs                              3:39
       7. Wish you were here                5:19
       8. Mother                            7:07
       9. The final cut                     3:47
      10. If                                3:47
      11. Powers that be                    3:55
      12. Breathe                           3:32
      13. Brain Damage/Eclipse              6:35
      14. Annother Brick in the Wall        9:50

      Roger Waters 

      Graham Broad (drums)
      Paul Carrack (keyboards & vocals)
      Doreen Chanter (vocals)
      Mel Collins (saxophones)
      Andy Fairweather-Low (guitars)
      Katie Kissoon (vocals)
      Jay Stapley (guitars)

  • Sup -WOLFRAM
  • Sup- -HAMISH
Comments: This CD features the same old Westwood One broadcast from Quebec 1987 that has appeared on CD several times previously. Sound, as always, is spectacular from what was probably one of the best mixed radio broadcasts ever. If you've somehow managed to avoid coming across the other CDs which feature this show, this is just as good. - LIVE MUSIC REVIEW

Times taken of Backsleeve - no guarantee here! Tracks are listed wrong (above version is correct!) Breathe has been left out on the backcover + CD and Brain Damage+Eclipse have been listed as separate songs.

Absolutely worth buying. Sound is great (see above) and songs are ranging over a great spectrum from "If" over "The Final Cut" (only played live by RW) to his solo works +/-oHH and RK. Especially interesting: "Annother brick in the wall" actually consists of ABITW I + THDOOL + ABITW II, so the same combination as on TW. "The final cut" actually is a kind of meddley from TFC consisting from parts of TFC,SD etc. - WOLFRAM

A very well put-together recording, well worth getting for contemporary versions of songs like "If", TFC songs. The performances are very tight, however the arrangements of some of the songs are weak, especially Welcome To the Machine which is done quite badly, and a strange piano-solo in the middle of ABITWI/HappiestDays/ABITW2. Roger's voice is also in quite good condition on this recording. Conspicuous by their absence are the Gilmour guitar solos - note the 3-minute version of Pigs. Sound quality alone makes this essential for anyone with more than a passing interest in Waters-era floyd. -HAMISH

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