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Format: CD
Catalog: LL 15481 Live Line
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: 1993
Date: 871107
Matrix: Disc: 1
Cover: Front: Multicolored "fractal"-like drawning, with an eye on the center. On the top, a black ribbon with "**welcome to the machine" in green letters. On bottom, "Roger Waters" in orange letters, and "recorded live in quebec, canada 1987" in white letters. Back: Black background with tracklist in green letters (same font as on "Radio KAOS"). Discs: Monochrome picture of a Printed Circuit Board. Single sheet. The verso is white, with the text "This CD is part of the Live Line series enjoy it..."
Sources: 07 Nov 1987, Colisee de Quebec, Quebec, Canada.
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      Disc: 1
       1. Radio Waves                                          4:35
       2. Welcome to the Machine                               7:10
       3. Money                                                5:00
       4. In the Flesh                                         3:34
       5. Have a Cigar                                         3:16
       6. Pigs                                                 3:39
       7. Wish You Were Here                                   5:16
       8. Mother                                               7:10
       9. Get your Filthy Hands off my Desert / Southampton    3:47
      10. If                                                   3:47
      11. Powers that Be                                       3:54
      12. Breathe                                              3:32
      13. Brain Damage / Eclipse                               6:35
      14. Another Brick in the Wall Pt 1 / The Happiest Days   9:49
          of our Lives / Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2 
          Total Time:                                         71:06 

      Roger Waters 
      Graham Broad (drums) 
      Paul Carrack (keyboards & vocals) 
      Doreen Chanter (vocals) 
      Mel Collins (saxophones) 
      Andy Fairweather-Low (guitars) 
      Katie Kissoon (vocals) 
      Jay Stapley (guitars) 

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Comments: Taken from the Westwood One broadcast. The sound is superb (stereo, soundboard). Listening to this CD on headphones, I noticed some little crackles (not disturbing at all, since they are very very rare). So maybe this RoIO was mastered from an LP source.

The performance itself is great, with some interesting alternate versions of old Floyd songs ("Pigs" is my favorite).

This CD is VERY similar to the cross references. Even the tracklist has the same mistakes as on other RoIOs (see the other "Welcome To The Machine" on Metal Biter and "Canada 1987"): - Get your Filthy Hands... / Southampton Dock are listed as "The Final Cut" (in fact, only the instrumental intro of TFC is played, at the end of this medley) - Breathe is listed as "Brain Damage" - Brain Damage / Eclipse are listed as "Eclipse" - ABitW(1) / THDooL / ABitW(2) are listed as "Another Brick in the Wall"

Get this CD (or any Xref) if you find it!!! -MARC-OLIVIER.

This is a great quality recording. Unfortunately, it's not one of Roger's finest moments. First of all, Paul Carrack ruins "Have a Cigar" and "Money." "In the Flesh" is not as menacing as usual. I don't think it's a complete concert since some KAOS songs are absent, it contains no DJ commentary, and is missing "Not Now John." The highlight is probably "Pigs." Worth buying for the quality, but for a better performance, get something from The Pros and Cons or In the Flesh Tour. -KDS

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