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Format: 2CD
Catalog: IST 39/40, Insect Records
Misc.: Audience, slim double jewell case, colored discs.
Produced: DDD
Date: 940330
Cover: front: PF and CD name mentioned, small LSD tabs with bart simpson, batman, smileys, etc. lying on a floor back: track list over a photo CD's: CD1 is white with red letters; CD2 vice versa booklet: single sheet with two live photo's (amlor)
Sources: 30 Mar 1994, Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, FL. (disc says Oakland, 940520)
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      Disc 1:
       1. Astronomy Domine                      4:15
       2. Learning To Fly                       5:10
       3. What Do You Want From Me              4:16
       4. Take It Back                          6:12
       5. Lost For Words                        6:07
       6. Sorrow                                9:42
       7. A Great Day For Freedom               5:06
       8. Keep Talking                          6:56
       9. One Of These Days                     5:44
      10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V       11:30
      11. Breathe                               2:50
      12. Time/Breathe Reprise                  6:57
          Total                                74:47

      Disc 2:
       1. High Hopes                            7:53
       2. Wish You Were Here                    6:08
       3. Another Brick In The Wall II          6:27
       4. The Great Gig In The Sky              5:20
       5. Us And Them                           7:27
       6. Money                                 8:20
       7. Comfortably Numb                      9:35
       8. Hey You                               4:46
       9. Run Like Hell                         7:24

      David Gilmour  Guitars, vocals
      Nick Mason     Drums
      Rick Wright    Keyboards, vocals

      Guy Pratt    Bass/vocals        Durga McBroom     Backing vocals
      Jon Carin    Keyboards/vocals   Sam Brown         Backing vocals
      Tim Renwick  Guitars            Claudia Fontaine  Backing vocals
      Gary Wallis  Percussion         Dick Parry        Saxophones

  • Ex- -PIET
Comments: This CD looked very promising, until (after checking the list of songs they played so far) it appeared to me the this CD could not be oakland: lost for words was on this one :( Checking CD 1 track 1 gave it away: our little friend calling "Junior" was present again ... so this is Miami 940330 really, unless Junior can prove otherwise ... Performance seems to be taken from either "The Live Bell" CD or from higher generation tapes, compared to TLB. -PIET

"The 1994 West Coast Trip" purports to be from Oakland, April 20, 1994; BUT IT IS NOT!! IT IS REALLY MIAMI, MARCH 30, 1994!! PLEASE NOTE: this is actually a re-mastered version of "The Live Bell", with some of its flaws massaged (see description of "The Live Bell" below). Most notably, the "30 second repeat-loop" has been removed, leaving only a gentle and not very noticable "pop" where it used to be. Also, it doesn't contain the two soundchecks of "Astronomy Domine" which are included at the end of "The Live Bell". All said, though, I think this one is actually preferable to "The Live Bell". -ECHOES

(Last update: 960924)

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