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Format: 2CDR
Catalog: HRV CDR 017 Harvested
Misc.: Audience DAT
Produced: 1999
Date: 990724
Matrix: Disc: 1 CDR
Disc: 2 CDR
Cover: Front: Nine squares like the tour programme, except that the pix are more interesting that the tour programme! Features images from Wish through Amused including covers and tour programmes. White surround. Back: Pink background with titles in stylised font in right. In The Flesh pig from the programme under the title top right. Top left is a ticket stub for a fifth row orchestra pit seat. Below are the tracks listed in the same font. Book: Back of booklet has 5 shots from the Chicago show and a pink In The Flesh pig superimposed. Liner: Inner tray seen from discs side has stage shot with Dark Side prism on the screen.
Sources: 24 Jul 1999, Rosemont Theater, Chicago
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      Disc: 1
       1. In the Flesh
       2. The Thin Ice
       3. Another Brick in the Wall Part One
       4. Mother
       5. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
       6. Southamption Dock
       7. Pigs on the Wing Part One
       8. Dogs
       9. Welcome to the Machine
      10. Wish You Were Here
      11. Shine On You Cray Diamond
      12. Speak to Me
      13. Breathe
      14. Time
      15. Breathe Reprise

      Disc: 2
       1. The Great Gig in the Sky
       2. Money
       3. Every Strangers Eyes
       4. The Powers That Be
       5. What God Wants
       6. Perfect Sense Part One
       7. Perfect Sense Part Two
       8. Its a Miracle
       9. Amused to Death
      10. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
      11. Another Brick in the Wall Part Two
      12. Brain Damage
      13. Eclispe
      14. Comfortably Numb

      Roger Waters
      Jon Carin
      Snowy White
      Doyle Bramhall II
      Andy Fairweather-Low
      Graham Broad
      Andy Wallace
      Katie Kissoon
      P.P. Arnold

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  • EX+ -DAve
Comments: Audience tapes don't get much better than this. Good location and theatre make this a great sounding tape. The performance was also much better than the opening night the day before.

All in all and excellent choice for the 99 tour.

Has been weeded - should be around. -DAve.

(Last update: 991220)

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