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Format: 3CD
Catalog: AOTW-94006/007/008 All Of The World
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Date: 880604
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Cover: Picture of Gilmour, Wright, Mason sitting with what looks like the road-crew. CDs: Each CD is colored in a different hue of pink. No indication of Pink Floyd at all. It says: promotional copy, not for sale.
Sources: 04 Jun 1988, Giant's Stadium, New Jersey, USA
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      Disc 1:
       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 
       2. Signs Of Life              
       3. Learning To Fly            
       4. Yet Another Movie          
       5. A New Machine              
       6. Terminal Frost             
       7. A New Machine              
       8. Sorrow                     
       9. Dogs Of War                

      Disc 2:
       1. On The Turning Away        
       2. One Of These Days
       3. Time 
       4. On The Run
       5. Great Gig In The Sky
       6. Wish You Were Here

      Disc 3:
       1. Welcome To The Machine
       2. Us & Them
       3. Money
       4. Another Brick In The Wall
       5. Comfortably Numb
       6. One Slip
       7. Run Like Hell

      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

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Comments: Disc 1 Tracks 5-7 are listed as a single track on the cover.

Fake tracks are listed on the CD's themselves, as follows:

Disc 1: 1. Going steady 2. Feel Desperate 3. Spinster 4. Radio Show 5. Variety Theatres 6. Income Tax 7. Obedient Girl 8. Not Easy To Find 9. Comedians

Disc 2: 1. Orenseas Trip 2. Them 3. Own Language 4. Sue And Alar 5. A Few Words 6. Over Five Years

Disc 3: 1. Light Bulb 2. Larger Room 3. Elevator 4. Make A Reservation 5. Emergency Exit 6. Stairway 7. The Ground Floor

Yes, it's a 3 disk set, and OK, it's a standard Echoes-less LOR set. In my opinion it is worth having, several songs are quite enjoyable. The most irritating part is the labeling, nothing on the CDs gives any hints about Pink Floyd, except for the fact that the CDs are pink ;-)

The sound quality is excellent most of the time, Money is almost mono (there is little output on the right channel) and the cash register sounds very weak. However, Money has a nice touch during the jam-session i the middle of the song, the guitar part is somewhat different and the keyboards have a central role here. There is some audience noise here and there during some of the songs, as if someone is right in front of the microphones. There is little tape hiss, the general impression is a crystal clear sound.

SOYCD is almost standard except for the intro which is slightly different/longer. SOL is standard, the guitar part sounds somewhat weak and there is some audience noise. LTF and YAM are very nice, especially the transition from YAM to ANM. ANM, TF, ANM is in genereal very good. Sorrow is fairly standard while DOW is _very_ good.

OTTA is probably better than the version on Delicate Sound of Thunder. OOTD sounds great. Time has a very weak intro, the solo-section is also weak soundwise, but the solo in it self is hot. OTR is normal. GGITS is among the best versions I have heard. WYWH is a standard version.

WTTM is probably better on A Clear View. U&T has an error or an experiment i the intro, it sounds different at one place probably as an alternative to the usual intro. But it's only for a couple of chords. ABITW is hot, especially the last part of the guitar solo. CN sounds somewhat weak in the beginning, but improves soundwise. The guitarsolo is farly hot and inspired. OS is very hot, the bass solo in the middle is very far away from Roger Waters' playing style! RLH has a very inspired intro, and is in general very good.

As said earlier, recommended. -GEORG

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