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Format: CD
Catalog: 410391 Wish 1
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Produced:<no info>
Date: 93 ?
Cover: Front: Burning man WYWH pic. on orange background with title. Back: Invisble man pic. with titles around it. Inside back has picture of red scarf (with lady?). Booklet: Diver pic on back. Inside similar pic. to Shine On title page for WYWH.
Sources: ?
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       1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Fluffy Cloud Version)
       2. Welcome to the Machine (New Age Version)
       3. Have a Cigar (Take a Joint Version)
       4. Wish You Were Here (Atmosfear Version)
       5. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part 2 of a Journey Into Your

      Remixed by Trent Reznor - others have said it was done by 
      The Orb.

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Comments: There was a bit of contention as to whether this was a ROLO or a ROIO. (It is being considered a roio until we hear different). The absence of any record company crap on the entire package is a bit confusing. The disc has a similar pattern to the Shine On discs.

This was not remixed by the Orb or Trent Reznor (?!). However, many of the songs have passages that are essentially Orb and Floyd mixed together. This may have been done to give the appearance of the Orb being involved in the remixes, to boost sales.

Overall, this disc is interesting as a novelty value, but I doubt whether it would be worth the unusually high prices being demanded for it. I would suggest that anyone who is interested get a copy on tape because it appears to me (although I am no expert in ambient music) that these 'remixes' are not done in a very inspired way. Note that the tracks are extended over the originals, and often bear only a passing resemblance to them in parts (e.g. a lot of the vocals are cut). -HAMISH

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