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Format: CD
Catalog: 1900 Toasted Condor (packaging); NZCD 89022 Neutral Zone (CDs)
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Produced: 1989, Korea (packaging says Australia, but see comments below)
Date: 871126
Cover: No booklet, but double-sided photo card covered with some sort of glossy finish. Front: Color photo VERY similar to the one from the last page of AMLOR CD booklet, but not identical. "PINK FLOYD" and "WORLD TOUR" in white writing with pink background along top of cover. Photo of man sitting on hospital bed amid the sea of beds, with dog's tail and body in foreground. Inside front cover: Close-up 3/4 view of inflated pig against blue sky, with "KLOS 95.5" sticker visible on side of pig. Back Cover: B&W photo "borrowed" from AMLOR CD booklet of Dave and Nick, with tracklist and Toasted Condor emblems prominently displayed. Surprisingly, it is correctly attributed to the LA Sports Arena, 1987.
Sources: 26 Nov 1987, Los Angeles Sports Arena USA.
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       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 1-5     12:15
       2. Signs of Life                           4:23
          Learning to Fly                         5:20
       3. Yet Another Movie (+Round and Round)    7:15
       4. A New Machine Pt. 1                     1:36
          Terminal Frost                          6:30
       5. A New Machine Pt. 2                     0:36
          Sorrow                                  9:49
       6. The Dogs Of War                         7:40
       7. On The Turning Away                     9:13
       8. One of These Days                       6:26
          Total:                                 71:26

      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason 

      Guy Pratt (Bass, Vocals)    Scott Page (Saxophones, Guitar) 
      Gary Wallis (Percussion)            Margret Taylor (Vocals) 
      Jon Carin (Keyboards, Vocals)          Rachel Fury (Vocals) 
      Tim Renwick (Guitars, Vocals)        Durga McBroom (Vocals) 

  • EX+ stereo -BTW
  • Ex stereo -BOOK/DAN
Comments: All tracks/times from CD player.

The disk inside the jewel box is listed "Tongue Tied and Twissted" (sic), and catalogued as Neutral Zone (NZCD 89021) -ECM

Disc is printed with "Tongue Tied and Twissted" (sic), but tracklist of TTaT as listed in ROIO database does not match CD tracks (switched CD labels, like Black Holes.../In the Flesh ?)

Yet Another Movie and Round and Round are not listed on the cover. Sound quality (for the most part) are equal to or greater than "The Live Bell" (the new standard?), with much less variability of sound quality. Crowd noise is much less obtrusive than TLB. A few noticeable edits between songs, but the end of The Dogs of War includes Dave clearly thanking the audience and announcing the break after the next song. Altogether, a great value for the $12 I paid for it. Probably not worth $25, as it doesn't differ significantly from DSOT tracks. -BTW

Although the music on the disc is correctly cited (with the exception noted above), it frequently (maybe always?) bears the legend: "TONGUE TIED AND TWISSTED [sic] NZCD 89021". This CD and "Tongue Tied & Twisted" were produced by the same company, the difference in packaging being an attempt to confound the authorities (the implied Australian connection on the packaging is entirely bogus for that reason - the CDs were produced in Korea on behalf of a US-based distributor). - THE HEDONIST

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