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Format: CDR
Catalog: DDR 005
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Produced:<no info>
Date: 68
Matrix: Disc 1: 963167A Z-POINT AND BEYOND
Cover: Front: One side of the front insert shows a satellite with laser beams hitting it, and the words "Pink Floyd" and "Z-Point and Beyond". The other side shows the 1994 stage with lots of effects going. It shows the CD title only, no artist name. Unlike whoever provided the cover jpeg, I found it with the stage photo turned to the front. Back: I think the back insert photo is a large (~12-meter) mirror in the southwestern U.S., part of a solar energy project. The photo is rotated, with a man on the ground at top right. Discs: Red with the text: A Collection of rare material.
Sources: ?? ??? 1968, etc. Zabriskie Point Music from the Body La Carrera Panamerica Various singles and promos
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      Disc:  1
       1. Heart Beat, Pig Meat                                 3:10 
       2. Crumbling Land                                       4:15 
       3. Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up                   5:01 
       4. Give Birth To A Smile                                2:49 
       5. When The Tigers Broke Free                           2:56 
       6. Another Brick In The Wall (II) (promo version)       5:32 
       7. Apples And Oranges (stereo mix)                      3:02 
       8. Candy And A Currant Bun                              2:47 
       9. It Would Be So Nice                                  3:44 
      10. Point Me At The Sky                                  3:34 
      11. Coming Back To Life (live) (promo version)           4:02 
      12. Take It Back (extended version                       7:07 
      13. See Emily Play & Several Small Furry Animals ... 
          (segment)                                            4:42 
      14. Country Theme                                        2:09 
      15. Mexico '78                                           4:23 
      16. Big Theme                                            2:48 
      17. Small Theme                                          3:06 
      18. Carrera Slow Blues                                   4:47 
          Total Time:                                         69:56 

      Roger Waters 
      Syd Barrett 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

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Comments: This is perfect quality. The only songs that might create some problems is the older ones, but I would give it the best grade. Clearly Profesional.

An interesting disc, clearly a collectors item. The guy I bought it from told me that he could get more copies, this makes me believe that it is a Swedish ROIO.

Comments by Track:

3. Come in Number 51, Your time is up - This is a remake of "Careful with that Axe Eugene", but they are more or less identical. The only thing is that this version seems to be a little more modern. Track 1-3 taken from Zabriskie Point.

4. Give Birth to a Smile - The only track from "Music from the Body" that features all four of the floyds.

5. When the Tigers Broke Free - The single version, note that the title is spelled wrong on the back cover. It says "When the tigers brooke free".

6. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) Promo Version - A very good version of the great song. Slightly slower and with several effects put in.

7. Apples and Oranges (Stereo Mix) - This is a very good track but I don't know if it has been released before in the Stereo Mix?

8. Let's roll another one - This is nothing less than "Candy and a currant bun". No changes.

10. Point me at the sky - One of the more unusual tracks in perfect quality.

11. Coming back to life - Promo Version - Radio Promo, slightly different but not much.

12. Take it Back - Extend Version - I believe that it has been released on vinyl and cd singles, as Take it Back (edit), please correct me if I'm wrong.

13. See Emily's small furry animal on the run one day in Granchester - A mix of See Emily Play and Small furry animals... from Ummagumma. Nothing special but I love the name. Obviously taken from the official release

14. Country Theme - The intro chords on this song is taken from one of the songs on "Momentary lapse of reason". Tracks 14 - 18 taken from the video: La Carrera Panamerica. - ANON

I love it! The alternate studio version of ABITW2 justified the purchase for me. Nearly perfect sound quality except that 3 of 5 "La Carrera Panamericana" tracks (14,16,17) cut to abrupt silence when they end. Mine was bought new but it already had many scratches.

7. I think it's the same basic version as on Total Eclipse, but it's much clearer here than on TE.

11. This is the shorter of two versions on the CBtL p.u.l.s.e single CD. About 3 minutes of guitar is cut from the intro and from near the end, so it's more than slightly different.

12. It's not the shortened "TiB (edit)", but the 7:06 French radio promo CD. It has an extended E-bow drone at the end to allow for DJ voice-over announcements. Also, this doesn't have the "ring-a-ring-of-rosies" nursery rhyme.

13. It's all of "See Emily Play" followed by about the first 2 minutes of "Several Species of Small Furry Animals... because track 13 is taken from the official release Works." - ANON'LD LAYNE

The promo version of ABITW2 isn't actually by Pink Floyd, but by Roger Waters and the Bleeding Hearts Band. This rerecording was done around the time of the Berlin concert. And it's very good, I might add. - ANON

My copy is CD-R! but claims to be catalog DDR-005. Front cover is different, poor color copy of a stage shot/performance. CD label is the same poor color copy as the cover. It was printed onto a sticker. Back lists the tracks.

All tracks have approx 3-4 sec of silence at the end of he songs. Track 18 has approx 35 sec of silence at the end of the song. Total Time is 70:27

Recording compares to previous comments. The endings to tracks 13, 14, 16, and 17 seem cut short or end abruptly. Tracks 17 and 18 have voice overs from the video. I question the going price of these CD-R discs. My supplier wanted $25, but I traded for it. Overall a good disc sound quality, poor packaging. That's what you get from home-made. I think of it has part 5 to Total Eclipse. - JZ

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