Format: 3LP
Catalog: BH410
Matrix: nik side one, nik side two
dav side one, dav side two
rog side one, rog side two
Misc.: Stereo
Date: 800228
Cover: Front: Black with logo of famous crossed hammers. Top: Pink Floyd. Bottom: And The Walls Came Down Back: 'First set', 'Second set' with track list
Sources: 28feb80 New York Nassau Colloseum, New York 28th February 1980


      Side One:
       1. In The Flesh
       2. The Thin Ice
       3. Another Brick In The Wall Pt 1
       4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
       5. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2*

      Side Two:
       1. Mother
       2. Goodbye Blue SKy
       3. Empty Spaces
       4. What Shall We Do Now
       5. Yound Lust

      Side Three:
       1. One Of My Turns
       2. Don't Leave Me Now
       3. Another Brick In The Wall Pt 3
       4. Goodbye Cruel World
       5. Hey You
       6. Is There Anybody Out There?

      Side Four:
       1. Nobody Home
       2. Vera
          2.5 Bring The Boys Back Home*
       3. Comfortably Numb

      Side Five:
       1. The Show Must Go On
       2. In The Flesh
       3. Run Like Hell

      Side Six:
       1. Waiting For The Worms
       2. Stop
       3. The Trail
       4. Outside The Wall

      Roger Waters*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*
      David Gilmour*

Xref: (Untitled - HPL 2773) (Untitled - BH410)
  • G -ANON
  • VG+ -TOR
  • Ex -PIET (Raymonds book)
Comments: Live "Wall", 3 records, unsure of origin of roio or recording -ANON

Great performance, sound quality is not quite as good as those mentioned in Xref. -TOR

Track list is wrong. Empty Spaces = WSWDN. ABITW Pt 2 and BTBBH are not listed but ARE played in the concert. -PIET

Second reissue of (untitled - BH410).

Rerelease of 'Pink Floyd' (BH410) -DAN

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