Format: 2LP
Catalog: VD-0011 AM3 ASCAR RECORDS
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 711003
Cover: Deluxe colour cover.
Sources: 03-10-71 London Paris Theatre, London 3rd November 1970


      Side One:
       1. Embryo                                           10:16
       2. Green Is The Colour                               3:31
       3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                     7:47
       4. If                                                5:09

      Side Two:
       1. Atom Heart Mother                                24:45
          a) Father's Shout
          b) Breast Milky
          c) Mother Fore
          d) Funky Dung
          e) Mind your Troat Please
          f) Remergense

      Side Three:
       1. Fat Old Sun                                      14:16
       2. One Of These Days                                 6:50

      Side Four:
       1. Echoes                                           26:15

      The Personnel Consists Of:
      David Gilmore  Lead Guitar
      Rick Wright    Organ, Keyboards
      Roger Waters   Bass guitar
      Nick Mason     Drums

      Special chorus and brass sections

Xref: Various BBC sessions
  • Ex (stereo - hiss) -DAN (from Hot Wacks book)
Comments: Limited edition of 100 copies. European boot. -DAN

(Last update: 930101)

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