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Catalog: KPIJZ030P 80
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Date: 73
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Sources: 1973 Studio


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  • As good as a lousy produced flexy disc can get
Comments: Russian blue flexi disc with excerpts from Dark Side of the Moon. Martix number T 92-08219 At least 3 different ones exist, I personaly have seen one which had Shine on (part I - ?) from the DSOT backed with one(or 2) tracks also from DSOT. This is a counterfeit, made to supply the music hungry russian market with samples of the Pink Floyd. This is for die hard collectors only, as (as with most flexys) the quality of the thing goes down exponentially with the numbers of time you play it (and after some 10 times playing, you'll be playing A and B side at the same time.).

Also, since there's nothing written on the disks, you just have to hope and pray that what you pay for is what you get. The Shine On one I've seen, included a handwriiten note on a piece of papaer saying: "Shine on, you *LITTLE* diamond +2"

All I can say is that they're better then the Polish Musical Postcards (Gerhard)

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