Format: LP
Catalog: 4590-23 A/B
Matrix:<no info>
Misc.: Stereo
Produced: Manufactured by Lora Records Limited, 24 Kinks Place, London WIN 9AR. Made in U.K.
Date: 7702
Cover: Front: "CRAZY DIAMOND" "PINK FLOYD" and three pictures of Pink Floyd (one with Waters playing acoustic guitar). All pictures taken from Miles book. Back: Track list and three pictures (one Gilmour close-up and one of the complete band on stage)
Sources: feb77 Rotterdam Ahoy Rotterdam 1977 (February 17th, 18th or 19th)


      Side One:
       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond  Part 1-5
       2. Welcome To The Machine
       3. Have A Sigar

      Side Two:
       1. Wish You Were Here
       2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond  Part 5-9

      David Gilmour*
      Nick Mason*
      Roger Waters*
      Richard Wright*

Xref:<no info>
  • G -PIET (Raymonds book)
  • VG+(SP) -TOR
  • G-- -GERHARD
Comments: Dutch RoIO with deluxe cover

Great colour cover with nice pictures. The vinyl has labels with: 'Dance & Ball Enterprice' and has a track list with disco tunes from the 80s. Performance is quite good but recording goes way to fast (to fit the whole WYWH part into one record). -TOR

Forget it, speed problems turn a good performance into an assault on the ears. This SUCKS !!!! Unless you can change the speed of your turntable or something stay away from this monstrosity. - GERHARD

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