Format: 2x7"
Catalog: JC 001/2 YORKIE RECORDS
Matrix:<no info>
Misc.: Manufactured for the friends of Syd Barret Club, Italy
Produced: (P) 1986
Date: 67
Cover: The set is proffesionally packaged in a plain white box, with stuck on labels on both top and bottom. The cover shows a picture of Syd from an early 67 line up, though not picturing any othere members.
Sources: 67 - 70


      Side One:    Milky Way
      Side Two:    Birdy Hop
      Side Three:  Words
      Side Four:   Opel

      Syd Barrett

Xref: 1, 2, 4: Melkweg
Quality:<no info>
Comments: The track Birdy Hope is incidentially in its entirity, not cut short as on the 'Vinyl Sessions EP'. The quality of the records is well done, not making this a dissapointing buy, the sound quality is excellent and the printed labels denoting both record and track details. -BD (#9)

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