Format: 10"
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Misc.: It's a 10" on Pink Vinyl, has a nice booklet
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Date: 6704
Cover: Picture of the early floyd holding a head with a bowler hat, over some psychedelic paint sprawl. (That is from the Arnold Layne promo film).
Sources: 67 & 70 1.1: Complete Version From "Tonite Let's All Make Love In London" 2.1: UK Television Appearance, April 1967 2.2: Syd Barrett Solo Track, 1970 2.3: US Tower 45, Alternate Version


      Side 1:
       1. Interstellar Overdrive      9:36

      Side 2:
       1. Astronomie Dominie          3:57
       2. Two Of A Kind               2:34
       3. Flaming                     2:47

      Roger Waters*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*
      David Gilmour* (With Syd on 'Two Of A Kind')
      Syd Barrett*

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Comments: Complete Version from tlamlil ?? This is the bits that appear in the film spliced together, the complete version can be found on various ROLO's.

Included herein is a book which has a story abouty Syd, taken from New Musical Express April 13, 1974 by Nick Kent (available at the Syrinx archive) but it misses the first column

All in all this is a good one to have if you're after rare 'semi-official' floyd tracks. -GERHARD

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