Format: 2LP
Matrix:<no info>
Misc.: Stereo, MCMLXXX Toasted records(pty) ltd. Manufactured by finestkind records & tapes(pty) ltd Sydney.
Produced: 1980
Date: 770315
Cover: A neato painting, part surrealistic, part Science Fictio, part fantasy, part Pyramids and part naked female like figures. Mainly it's greenish, nice!
Sources: 15mar77 London Empire Pool, Wembley, London 15th March 1977


      Side One:
       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pt 1-5
       2. Welcome To the Machine
       3. Have A Cigar
       4. Wish you Were Here

      Side Two:
       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pt 6-9
       2. Money

      Side Three:
       1. Sheep
       2. Pigs On The Wing
       3. Dogs

      Side Four:
       1. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
       2. Pigs On The Wing
       3. Us And Them

      David Gilmour     : Vocals & Guitar
      Roger Waters      : Vocals & Bass Guitar
      Richard Wright    : Keyboards
      Nick Mason        : Percussion
      Snowy White       : Guitar
      Dick Parry        : Saxophone & Keyboards

Xref: Knobs (IMP 2.15 IMPOSSIBLE RECORD WORKS) Record 1: 30 KW PA Record 2: Giant Barn Dance
  • G -PIET
Comments: This is an (allmost) complete set of the animals tour, the only thing it misses is the last part of Us & Them. Alltho the recording is audible a b00t1e9, the sound quality is very good. The animals part really lives, and Pigs (3) has the extended solo at the end. Shine On You Crazy diamond starts as usual, but then Gilmour takes of like Carl Lewis on speed, in a piece of solo that sounds a bit like the opening to Have A Cigar. The start of Welcome To The Machine is a bit soft, Have A Cigar is great again, and what's happening during WYWH ? During the last but one couplet a second voice joins the singer, a bit out of key a bit out of tune, under general laughter from the audience, during the last verse they do it again, but now another voice joins Gilmour (or it's the same), but turned asked somewhere. WYWH ends with Ricks organ solo/coda, and then Shine On 2 picks up again, the drums are now prominent in the mix, and everyone is doing his best to make this set a bit special part 10 (?) is completely different then any I've heard on a ROIO. During Us & Them you can hear that Gilmour is tired, but you cannot blame him after the show he's given (and maybe the rest of the band as well), he longs to a hot bath or something, and therefore his voice lacks the power/energy.

Track order should run: Sheep - PotW - Dogs - Potw2 - Pigs - break - Shine On - Welcome Have a Cigar - WYWH - Shine On - encore - Money - U&T.

All in all this is a very good record, if it wasn't for the Oakland gig this would be the best Animals/WYWH ROIO available. If you're looking for a Good ROIO of ANIMALS/WYWH or want one to compare with the Oakland gig, this is a great buy. -GERHARD

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