Format: LP
Catalog:<no info>
Matrix: 13187 A/B
Misc.: Mono. Picture disc
Produced: Italy 1987
Date: 680901
Cover: Front: picture of the band [Miles: May 1968] Back: picture of the band, track list and a lot of other info.
Sources: 01sep68 Amsterdam Fantasio, Amsterdam 1st September 1968


      Side One:
       1. Keep Smiling People             10:28
       2. Flaming                          5:05

      Side Two:
       1. Let There Be More Light          7:28
       2. Interstellar Overdrive          11:29

      David Gilmour*
      Nick Mason*
      Roger Waters*
      Richard Wright*

Xref: 1.1: With/Without 2.1 - 2.2: Remember a Day
  • G -PIET
  • Sucks -GERHARD
Comments: Deluxe red and black picture disc.

G mono, is a laugh, this thing sounds as if someone has placed his recording equipment in front of one of the 4 (quad!) speakers, and recorded this signal using a pair of tin cans connected with a greasy rope, which in turn was used to play double dutch with. Only possible reason to buy this, is cos it has Keep smiling people (which later became Carefull with that axe), but it's allmost unrecocgnizable due to the BBAADD sound quality. DON'T BUY IT -GERHARD

(Last update: 950101)

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