Format: 3LP
Catalog: OC9X7-X5B
Matrix:<no info>
Misc.: Audience, exc. stereo
Produced: High Life Rec. 51, Carthorpe St., London
Date: 89.05.18
Cover: Front: Full colour deluxe photo with Gilmour playing red and white Strato; "PINK fLOYD" at the top and the title at the bottom. Back: "PINK fLOYD Verona 18 May 89" and a tracks list on a black and purple background.
Sources: Recorded live at Roman Arena, Verona, Italy 18th May 1989


  <no info>
   Side One:
    1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond  11.20
    2. Sign of Life                                       5.02
    3. Learning To Fly                                    4.01
   Side Two:
    4. One Of These Days            7.45
    5. Time                                             4.30
    6. On The Run                   2.25
    7. The Great Gig In The Sky                          5.10
   Side Three:
    1. Sorrow                      10.25
    2. Dogs Of War                  8.05
    3. On The Turning Away          7.52
   Side Four:
    4.Welcome To The Machine                            7.55
    5.Us And Them                   7.30
    6.Money                                             7.35
   Side Five:
    1.Money (repr.)                                      4.02
    2.Another Brick In The Wall                          5.20
    3.Confortably Numb             10.02
   Side Six:
    4.Wish You Were Here            4.12
    5.One Slip                      7.00
    6.Run Like Hell                                     7.30
           Total Time:     127.41

Xref:<no info>
  • Ex++ -PELLE
Comments: This record shows a very good quality (DAT source ??): a)Sound: high stereo spatiality, all voices and instruments are clearly distinguishable, very low hiss noise (almost absent); b)Performance: also quite good (solo in "Time", "Gig In The Sky", "Money", "Welcome To The Machine", "Wish You Were Here"); all the songs have slightly different arrangement from DSOT or 87-88 period. Unfortunately, there are some little flaws to notice: -Audience is sometimes too present, shouting, singing or clapping all the time (Disk 1 and ABITW), a little strange for an Italian audience. -"Money" is divided in two parts; since the record does not follow the concert set, not other chance to arrange the tracks in a different way -"Confortably Numb" solo is interrupted suddenly just in the middle for few seconds (you can listen only acustic guitar still playing), due to a temporary amp-blackout. -The package is poor; no timing and some mistake in the titles ("Another Breck..", "The Greagic..."). In conclusion, a good set enjoable to listen to, and it well worths the expense. I recommend it for sure.-PELLE

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