Format: 2LP
Catalog: BP0013 WIND RECORDS
Matrix:<no info>
Misc.: Stereo
Produced:<no info>
Date: 721209
Cover: Front: Colour photo from Animals tour, with Gilmor, Snowy White, Waters and Mason on stage. Back: "PINK FLOYD", "Live In Zurigo"
Sources: 09dec72 Zurich Hallenstadion, Zurich 9th December 1972*


      Side One:
       1. Speak To Me                      0:20
       2. Breathe                          2:40
       3. On The Run                       6:40
       4. Time                             5:20
       5. Breathe (Reprise)                1:00
       6. Great Gig In the Sky             3:35
      Side Two:
       1. Us And Them                      6:50
       2. Any Colour You Like              6:15
       3. Brain Damage                     3:40
       4. Eclipse                          1:35
       5. Money                            3:30
      Side Three:
       1. One Of These Days                8:00
       2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene   13:15
      Side Four:
       1. Echoes                          23:05

      David Gilmour*
      Nick Mason*
      Roger Waters*
      Richard Wright*

Xref:<no info>
  • G+ -AARO
Comments: Deluxe photo cover, multicolor cover.

"On The Run" is the jam version. "The Great Gig In The Sky" has the piano parts, but no vocals. Strangely, roio maker has moved "Money" after the "Eclipse", and it fades out in the middle of the guitar solo. Improvised "One of These Days" and "Careful With That Axe" are interesting versions, latter featuring Roger shouting like in "Several Species...". Both are similar to the ones performed at Boeblingen, 15th November 1972. Sound quality is below average roio quality. Sounds like it's recorded quite far from stage, and there's some distortion. Also, seems like 'master' tape was high generation copy... Timings are measured. -AARO

(Last update: 950101)

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