Format: LP
Catalog: TMOQ PF515
Matrix:<no info>
Misc.: Stereo
Produced:<no info>
Date: 6912
Cover: Front: centre-bottom: Pink Floyd "Omayyad" Stereo circular around this the four heads of Pink Floyd. Left and right track info per side
Sources: 69 & 71 Zabriskie Point soundtrack outtakes (December 69) & Chicago, 1971 (27th October 1971)


      Side 1:
       1. Oenone  (Zabriskie Point outtake)
       2. Fingal's Cave  (Zabriskie Point outtake)
       3. Interstellar Overdrive (Chicago, 1971)

      Side 2:
       1. Crumbling Land (long version) (Zabriskie Point,
                                        with sound FX at end)
       2. Rain in the Country  (Zabriskie Point outtake)
       3. The Embryo (Chicago, 1971)

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: Omayyad (TMOQ 71040) Omayyad (TMOQ 1830) Achid Attack, untitled - APF 515 A/B Midas Touch, Tower Of Babel, Oenone
  • VG -ANON
  • G -PIET (Raymonds book)
Comments: Crumb. Land was used in a shorter version on the official soundtrack album. -GJC


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