Format: 2LP
Catalog: DRAGON-5501-ABCD, followed by L-29515 on each side; SLEEPY DRAGON RECORDS.
Misc.: the LPs are unbanded black vinyl; labels are the four-quadrant metal hands logo.
Produced:<no info>
Date: 1987
Cover: full color single sleeve (not gatefold). front cover: Color photo of a man and woman standing in a train station embracing and kissing, each holding a hand mirror behind the other's head. In red print on a solid yellow rectangle near the bottom center of the cover it says "PINK FLOYD" and "ON THE WINGS OF NIGHT" ^[sic: no "THE" here] back cover: Color photo from the tour guide of (left to right) Mason, Gilmour, and Wright standing against blue background with hands in pockets. Song list in red print in lower left corner; Sleepy Dragon logo in red and white in lower right corner. spine of cover: The outer spine (edge) of the cover is white, and says this in red print: PINK FLOYD - ON THE WINGS OF THE NIGHT (LIVE IN AUSTRALIA PT.2) SLEEPY DRAGON RECORDS - USA - DRA 5501
Sources: either 13 Sept 1987 or 14 Sept 1987 (most likely 13 Sept 1987) at The Forum in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.* -CHOKSY


      Side One:
       1. One of these Days
       2. Time
       3. On the Run
       4. Wish You Were Here

      Side Two:
       1. Welcome to the Machine
       2. Us and Them
       3. Money

      Side Three:
       1. Another Brick in the Wall
       2. Comfortably Numb

      Side Four:
       1. One Slip
       2. Run Like Hell
       3. Shine on You Crazy Diamond

      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*
      David Gilmour*

Xref:<no info>
  • audience recording, VG stereo -CHOKSY
Comments: Part 1 of the concert is on 'Learning To Fly' -GJC

This is the companion to "Learning To Fly" (2 LPs); together, they constitute one complete concert, alleged on both covers to be "Live in Australia", with no date or venue given. _Hot Wacks V.14_ claims that this is from Australia 1988, but this is incorrect. The preponderance of evidence from the FAQ and other Echoesian sources is that this is one of the two 1987 shows at The Forum in Montreal, probably 13 Sept 1987.* -CHOKSY

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