Format: LP
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Produced: Made In England
Date: 681202
Cover: Front: Black and white picture of Pink Floyd, from early 70's, with Nick (wearing hat) & Dave in the middle, Roger on left and Rick in right. It's the same picture that is on "Crackers". Pink text "Pink Floyd" and "Pink Is The Colour". Back: Strange black and white pictures, Don Martin comic, and smaller picture of front cover. Track list in pink text.
Sources: 68, 69 & 73 BBC London 2nd December 1968 BBC London 14th May 1969 Vienna Stadthall 13th October 1973


      Side 1: 
       1. The Narrow Way (1969 Peel)                   4:45
       2. Green Is The Colour (1969 Peel)              7:00
       3. Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major                 4:20
       4. The Committee & Other Stories                4:25
      Side 2:
       1. Obscured By Clouds -- Vienna Stadfhall, --   5:00
       2. When You're In        --   13/10/73     --   7:55
       3. Embryo (Picnic version)                      4:40
       4. Labyrinth (from "The Man")                   2:55
      Roger Waters
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: 1.1-1.2: BBC 1969 1.3: The Great Lost Pink Floyd Album 1.4: The Comittee 2.3: Picnic Works
  • G/VG -ANON
  • VG -AARO
Comments: First three tracks are from BBC sessions, and they appear on quite many roios. "The Committee" has short excerpts of music from the movie (with dialog). There's some interesting music bits, which I haven't heard elsewhere. Note: this is not the same that appears on "Music For Architectural Students" CD. "Obscured By Clouds" and "When You're In" are interesting live numbers, but the sound quality is not very good. "Embryo" is the same that appears on "Picnic" and "Works" compilations. "Labyrinth" is short excerpt from The Man/Journey live performance. Not very good roio in terms of sound quality, but completists may want it for the rare performances. Timings are measured. -AARO

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