Format: LP
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Misc.: White label (backside of some other label)
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Date: 671012
Cover: Front: Left side looks like a strip of film with distorted faces in each of the frames, right side has black lettering PPPINK FFFLOYD. Back: Right side has more distorted faces on frames of film, left side lists date: recorded live at OUDE-ALOY HALLEN, ROTTERDAM OCTOBER 12, 1967. Bottom portion has a written description of the event: This is the first concert the Pink Floyd help in Holland, The Group arrived in Rottendam on October, 12 and performed at Oude-Ahoy Allen an unforgettable concert, playing also two songs never officially issued. The concert, nearly 45 minutes, of pauseless music, is here entirely and faithfully reproduced. The first song is the instrumental "Reaction in G", composed at the beginning of '67 and played as an overture to every show; it is a rough and hard unissued song, and is followed by another instrumental tune, "Pow R Toc H", which has been seldom played live. Both songs have been composed by all four members of the group. Then comes "An Old Woman With A Casket", unissued too, written and sung by SYD BARRETT. This song, better known as "Scream The Last Scream", is one of FLOYD favorites, in fact it has been often played live. This song is doubtless the most catchy tune of the evening and it is characterized by SYD BARRETT solo guitar. This valuable concert contains also the long performance (possibly the first at all) of the suite "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun", here sung by ROGER WATERS, who was replaced on bass by SYD BARRETT. At the end is performed "Interstellar Overdrive", and the four instruments music mixes up in an exciting finale, cheered by ovations from the audience. Dotch [sic] press reports about this performance were enthusiastic, in fact Holland became one of PINK FLOYD preferred destinations.
Sources: OUDE-ALOY HALLEN, ROTTERDAM October 12, 1967


     Side One
       1. Reaction in G
       2. Pow R Toc H
       3. An Old Woman With A Casket
           (Sream The Last Scream)

      Side Two:
       1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
       2. Interstellar Overdrive

   Syd Barrett - Guitars & Vocals
      Roger Waters - Bass & additional vocals
      Ricard Wright - Keyboards & additional vocals
      Nicholas Mason - Drums

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