Format: 3LP (box)
Catalog: SNAPSHOT NO. 4
Matrix:<no info>
Misc.: Stereo
Produced:<no info>
Date: 871121
Cover: The box is black with a fake green Radio KAOS sticker of the title, and the records just have blank white lables. A photocopied sheete inside gives song listing, musicians and other relevant information.
Sources: 21nov87 London Wembley Arena, London 21st November 1987


      Side One:
       1. Phone in
       2. Tempted
       3. Radio Waves
       4. Welcome to the Machine
       5. Who Needs Information

      Side Two:
       1. Money
       2. In the Flesh
       3. Have a Cigar
       4. Pigs
       5. Wish You Were Here
       6. Mother

      Side Three:
       1. Molly's Song
       2. Me Or Him
       3. The Powers That Be
       4. Roger Waters Phone In
       5. Going to live in L.A.

      Side Four:
       1. Sunset Strip
       2. The Fish Report
       3. Get Your Filthy Hands off My Desert
       4. Southampton Docks
       5. Arnold Layne
       6. If
       7. 5:06 AM

      Side Five:
       1. Not Now John
       2. Another Brick In the Wall Part 1
       3. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
       4. Another Brick In the Wall Part 2
       5. Nobody Home
       6. Home

      Side Six:
       1. Four Minutes
       2. The Tide is Turning
       3. Breathe
       4. The Great Gig in the Sky
       5. Brain Damage
       6. Eclipse

      Roger Waters
      Claire Torry

Xref:<no info>
  • VG+ -TOR
Comments: Great show -TOR

The complete KAOS show, it only misses the first phone in. Show opens with Paul Carrack playing Tempted (too finetune the sound ??) and then the sory of Billy is told, with Roger cs. being the band playing the tunes that normally would be played as records on the station. Of course there's some points to be scored over Dave Gilmours new Pink Floyd. After In the flesh -> Mother, Jim Ladd states: "Wembley, I give you the words and the music of Roger Waters". To keep in line with a real Radio station, there's even some commercials, which are slightly hilarious (The Bimbo School). Also done is the 'Fish Report With A Beat', which is a combination of 'Sportsfishing and Sexual innuendo' on top of some nice guitar work by Andy 'the hat'. And to top this great set of, we hear Clare Torrey do the encores (Breathe + reprise and The Great Gig In The Sky), after which you can hear someone in the audience completely space out. This set is a must have for any Waters fan, and is by far and large the best KAOS-tour set, i've heard. -GERHARD

Total Playing Time : LP 1 : 25:41 + 28:41 = 54:22 LP 2 : 28:19 + 22:16 = 50:35 LP 3 : 27:40 + 29:06 = 56:46 ------ 161:43

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