Format: LP (7")
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Cover:<no info> Sorcerer's Apprentice 7" single on Red Vinyl with Picture Sleeve. The cover is Pink with a Black & White picture of Syd laying across the cover in the front. It reads 'Syd Barrett' and below syd, 'Sorcerer's Apprentice. On the back it's a smaller b/w picture of 67 floyd with the names under each person and the set list. Art is credited to Syd. The vinyl is red with a red label. One side reads 'Astronomy Titania' and the other Lucy Leave and King Bee.
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      Astronomy Domine
      Lucy Leave
      King Bee

      Roger Waters*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*
      Syd Barrett

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  • The sound quality is good. Grab it if you can.
Comments:<no info> It's supposed to have a really good fan type book with it but I haven't been fortunate to get this book yet. The sound quality is good. Grab it if you can. - ECHOES

Sound quality is good, but better sounding versions of tghese songs exist. So far I've neevr spoken to someone who has actually seen the book, though most people have heard about it. - GERHARD

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