Format: 2LP
Catalog: RSR225 International Records (Matrix no.)
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 700211
Cover: Photos of Rick and Roger
Sources: 11-02-70 Birmingham Birmingham, Town Hall, England, 11th February 1970


      Side 1:
       1. Embryo
       2. Main Theme from More

      Side 2:
       1. Careful With Your Axe, Eugene
       2. Sysyphus

      Side 3:
       1. The Violent Sequence

      Side 4:
       1. Atom Heart Mother

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: included in Pink Floyd In Memoriam
  • G -ANON
  • G Stereo -PIET
  • Quality starts of not so good in the beginning, but improves as
  • the album progress.
Comments:<no info> This album captures one of the weirdest floyd shows in existence. There aren't many ROIOs around that have this track. Embryo is a pretty normal recording, then follows a 10 or so minute jam, loosely based on More's main-theme, there's even some babbling from Roger about this track being the main theme from a movie ``you've probably never seen''. Then comes Carefull, followed by Sissiphus, which is a pretty astonishing song (if it wasn't for the not so good Sound quality), the band is into it, and Roger even starts doing his Mad Scotchman act ... Then we get The Violent Sequence, which showcases Nick Mason. As you most likely know, TVS is divided in 4 parts, parts 1 & 3 are drum based, while part 2 & 4 are piano based. Part 1 really rocks, and gave me some strange looks from my colleague when I played it on my office tape player. Atom Heart Mother is actually still The Amazing Pudding, and again features some really good drumming from Nicky.

Global comments: The bandmembers most prominently ``there'' on this album are Rick & Nick, there's lots of Piano & Drum instrumentals on this album. If the soundquality of this album was better then the G- to VG- it is now, this record would rank very high among my favorite ROIOs.


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