Started December 1991 by Tor Hulbakviken (torhul@ifi.uio.no)

What's a RoIO?

RoIOs (= records of illegitimate/indeterminate origin) are "unofficial" recordings, i.e. they are not authorised by the musician(s) and/or its production company. Sometimes roios are also called like some type of footwear but we avoid this word. Roios are usually of bad quality in terms of music and audibility. You shouldn't buy them. However, fans (as we are) buy them, because they contain material which is otherwise unavailable. In this case it is good to know what other people already found out about them. Is the roio worth the money? Is there a better roio from the same concert? What songs are cut/faded/missing? The purpose of this database is to exchange knowledge/opinions. Therefore, it can never be complete or objective.

We do not recommend or encourage anyone to buy any of these things!

In certain countries it is illegal to sell or trade roios! Fortunately, the record companies usually don't care because the only people who buy roios are those who have "everything" else from their musician(s). Please note that we are not connected in any way to the companies producing roios. We are just fans of Pink Floyd and (more or less) happy customers. You will not find addresses of roio-companies or tips on "where-to-buy" roios in this database.

What information can I find here?

Information in the database is taken from the cover, booklet or disc, if nothing else is stated. Exception from this is the notes on QUALITY, XREF and partially the notes in COMMENTS.

Any information that is followed with a * is information that are deduced from other sources than the usual cover, booklet or disc, or when it's not known for sure where this information is taken from (that is usually when the information is found on the ECHOES list).

Any one who have 'contributed' (so far) with comments on quality and other information, is noted with his or hers initials or name. Initials and names is written in capital letters to separate from text (exception of DAve and d.) The following initials or names that are used in the database up to this point is short form of:

     ACS       asigge@HRZ.uni-bielefeld.de (Arne Sigge)
     ANDRE     andre@iag.TNO.NL (Andre Terhorst)
     BART      Bart Baartman (can contact via GERHARD)
     BRANDON   pink@rushnet.com (Brandon Woods)
     BD        Brain Damage (the magazine)
     DAN       DBOYER@ucs.indiana.edu (Dan Boyer)
     DARKSIDE  PnkFloyd71@AOL.COM (Chris Lajoie)
     DAve      davecowl@pacbell.net (Dave Cowl)
     DAVID     David Barker
     F.        fletcher@cspo.queensu.ca (Alex)
     FRISO     kuip@edu.eur.nl (Friso Kuiper)
     GEHARD    gerhard@jason.nl (Gerhard Den Hollander)
     HAMISH    misc1684@cantua.canterbury.ac.nz (Hamish Hubbard)
     HEDONIST  ROIO passion outweighed only by distaste for fame.
     HERWIG    Herwig.Henseler@arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de
     JEFF      lester@bugs.etdesg.trw.com (Jeff Lester)
     jeff      Jeff Johnson
     JEFFB     jsbarlow@mich.com (Jeff Barlow)
     JOHN      hiett@alpha.caer.uky.edu ("ping" -=john=-)
     KARL      KMAGNACCA@wesleyan.edu (Karl Magnacca)
     KROFF     k4fe0022@kiss.uni-lj.si (David Nemec)
     MARK      mpainf@tpgi.com.au (Mark Paine)
     MATRO     F.Martire@agora.stm.it
     PATRICK   pat686@worldnet.fr (Patrick Le Goueslier d'Argence)
     PFLOYDMAN PFloydMan@aol.com
     PIET      bondt@dutiws.TWI.TUDelft.NL (Piet de Bondt)
     PHIL      phil@maths.uwa.edu.au (Philip Neame)
     PK        pkeller@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu (Patrick Keller)
     RICARDO   deec408@tom.fe.up.pt (Ricardo Rodrigues)
     RUDI      rdrie@conncoll.edu (Rudolf Daniel Riet)
     RYAN      orion@u.washington.edu (Ryan Curtis)
     SCOTT     Scott_A._Frank@fc1.glfn.org (Scott A. Frank)
     STU       shinksma@atlantis.com (Steve Hinksman)
     TAP       The Amazing Pudding (the magazine)
     TOR       tor@hugin.no (Tor Hulbakviken)
     WOLFRAM   crowley@hal.cl-ki.uni-osnabrueck.de (Wolfram Gieseke)

Other crediting imply either anonymous comments, or comments borrowed from Echoes or Eclipse. Some contributors wish to remain anonymous due to possible legal hassles.


    Sup     superb    = breathtaking good. Source would usualy be a
                        broadcast. A must to have!
    Ex      excellent = very good recording, listening through headphones
                        is enjoyable.
    VG      very good = good recording, could be more or less annoying
                        noise from audience or other things. listening
                        through headphones is OK.
    G       good      = sound quality is not very good, should be avoided
                        unless you are a completist or this particular
                        gig is of special interest to you. Poor through
                        headphones, think twice of buying it.
    Poor    poor      = very poor sound quality, forget it. Only for

    +/-     minor rankings, better/poorer than average of class
    (SP)    recorded with wrong speed, makes CD unenjoyable

Not all are using this ranking (some like to give n out of 10 points), so you are free to use what ever ranking you like. 7 chars or less please...

Fields of interest

Catalog: Catalogue number first, then record label

Date: The date of the performance (or main date) in the format YYMMDD

Sources: Recording source - with date mentioned first.

Tracks: Please use MM:SS format for track times.



It's doomed to be a lot of ERRORS in this database, so PLEASE report any errors you find so that it can be corrected.

Please Contribute!

This database can help you to save your money. You just discovered a roio in your nearby shop and you want to buy it? Look into this database if it is worth the money! Remember that this database was created in our spare time and we already spend the money for these roios. If you encounter a roio which is not yet listed in our database write us about it! If the database lacks information which you have, give us this information! We need your comments on roios! Help us and others to not waste our money!

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