This is an excerpt from a recent online interview with Nick Mason hosted by Classic Cars World.

Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Nick, how do you feel about bootleg recordings? Really, a lot of fans would like to know

Nick Mason: I hate bootleg recordings. Please let us make the recordings.

Rupert: How about release rare shows etc therefore wiping out need for bootlegs?

Nuno: Some people rather have live stuff without overdubs. Besides, we buy everything any of you guys release...

Moz: What about BBC recordings then??

Nick Mason: BBC recordings were meant to be one offs and not kept for posterity

Nils: Some of us like our live recordings without the over-dubs.

Nick Mason: Our recent live albums had no over-dubs.

Flytomars: There is a b**tleg out, which features live performance in better quality then the live Ummagumma, why shouldn't I enjoy it? Why don't you supply the stuff?

Nick Mason: I've never heard a better version of Ummagumma unless you mean later versions of the songs. I still think we should be allowed to control our output rather than an obligation to release innumerable versions of the same songs.

Nils: So you don't have any bootlegs then, Nick?

Rupert: Nick - Surely it's supply and demand. I don't think you are going to give Pink Floyd a bad name by releasing old concert recordings, that I for one (who is too young to have gone to those concerts) would love to hear. Why not supply and if you have to, make money out of it, rather than let the rip-off merchants walk away with your artistic copyright?

Nick Mason: Yes, I do have some bootlegs of our stuff to remind me how much I hate them. Of other artistes none.

Flytomars: Why not issue live early stuff in small quantities, mail order or something like that. That way all will be pleased and you will have control over your stuff?

Nick Mason: I am sure the future will find ways of artistes controlling or making available tour live recordings.

Nils: Hahahha, good thing you don't know your way around the net then, Nick, bootlegs are everywere.

Nick Mason: I know there are the bootlegs on the net, it's just not something I want to collect.

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